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Waterproof M12 Extension Cable 12 Pin Male M12 Connector Cable

M12 Overmolded Cables
We supply full series of M12 with field wireable connector, molded cable connector, panel connector, overmoled cables, wire harness and accessories. PVC (general) or PUR (oil resistant) cables available with customized length according to user requirements.

M12 Overmolded Cables

We supply full series of M12 with field wireable connector, molded cable connector, panel connector, overmoled cables, wire harness and accessories. PVC (general) or PUR (oil resistant) cables available with customized length according to user requirements.

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M12 Overmolded Cables series with IP67/68 rating, provides with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 17 contacts, different pin match specific applications. E.g,sensor and power applications require 3 or 4 pins; Profinet and ethernet require 4 or 8 pin counts; Fieldbus, CAN bus and DeviceNet typically use 4 or 5 pin counts; and signal requirements usually employ 12 pins.

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