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3.5mm TRS Plug To Dual 6.35mm TS Splitter Cables

3.5mm stereo plug to dual 6.35 mono cable is heavily shielded with aluminium foil and copper wire mesh. 6.35 mono plug and 3.5 TRS phone jack are gold plated. Signal wires are made of 100% pure copper and insulated with high impedance nitrogen-injected dielectric. This makes sound quality exceptionally perfect.

.  Thick, heavy and bulky cases and recessed headphone ports won't create connection issues. Unique step-down design

   will keep connectors secure in your devices.

.   All devices having standard 6.35mm (1/4") audio ports (often called AUX) can be successfully connected with this cable. This

    includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers,  headphones, in-car stereos and portable speakers.

.  This cable is built to last for years. It uses high quality durable wiring and rock-solid metal tubes that encase 6.35mm TRS connectors.

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