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DMS 59 Pin Dual 2 VGA Monitors Cable

DMS 59 Pin Dual 2 VGA Monitors, Cable Deconn DMS 59 Pin Male to 2 VGA Female Dual Monitors Extension Cable Adapter for Lhf Graphics Card (DMS 59 Pin Dual Vga)
  • DMS 59 Pin Dual 2 VGA Monitors Cable
  • Dual 2Xvga monitors, It allows you to Dual your video from your DMS 59 pin Graphics card to your two VGA monitors, two separately VGA cables are required, but not included
  • 1080P video output: This DMS 59pin Dual VGA cable supports resolution of 1920x1080, Note: your DMS 59pin Graphics card must support 1080P resolution Firstly
  • Compatible with DMS/ LFH 59 or DMS/ LFH 60 graphics cards such as matrox, NVIDIA, PNY, ATI and HP
  • Short cable, Portable adapter, easy to carry.

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