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RP SMA Female (Male pin) to UFL RF Pigtail WiFi Antenna Extension Cable

Compatible with Wireless Router Antenna or Mini PCI-e WLAN Card: 7260ac 3160ac 6300agn QCA9882 AR5B22 6250AN 7260AN 7260BN QCA9005 DW1601 BCM94322MC 2230BN BCM94352 BCM943228 BCM94321MC AR9382 5300AGN.
Connector: UFL IPX IPEX to RP-SMA Female Jack ( Center is Male pin).
Connector Diameter: 2.0mm. Cable type: 1.37mm coaxial U.FL.
1.13mm Cable Black Color ipx sma

Product description

IPEX (IPX) MHF Connector is equivalent of Hirose U.FL connector. IPEX MHF is the generation one of IPEX micro RF coaxial connector. MHF connector is designed to have 2.5mm mating height and can operate 0~6GHz frequency. IPEX MHF can be terminated with 1.5mm and 1.37mm coax cable.

Specifications :
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Metal: copper
Connector: IPX IPEX MHF4 plug right angle connector ( Center Male pin )
Cable Type : RF 1.37mm diameter Coax Pigtail cable
Operating frequency : 0-6 GHZ ( option: 1.2Ghz 2.4Ghz 3Ghz 6Ghz 8Ghz 12Ghz 18G... )

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